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We don't sell uPVC windows & doors - We repair them!

What We Repair

Window Repairs

Replace misty windows When you get mist or condensation inside the double glazed unit it cannot be repaired. The unit is no longer 'sealed'. There are some who say you can fix it by drilling holes in the glass and letting the moisture out. But that does not mend it, it just partly disguises the fact that it is broken. The only real solution is to replace the unit. For this we make an appointment to come to your house, measure the window and leave you with a free no obligation quote. Once you are happy and wish to proceed we will have a new unit manufactured locally for you to your requirements and then arrange to come and fit it in your window.

Replace broken hinges It is difficult to say what causes the hinges (stays as they are correctly named) to fail but the result is always the same, the window wont close tightly on the hinge side either at the top or bottom depending on which is broken. The solution is a new pair of stays of the required type; Standard, Egress (fire escape) or Easy Clean.

Replace broken mechanisms At the back of the handle there is a small alloy casting which drives a gear cog to lock the window mechanism. These are prone to breaking if anything obstructs the locking pins. We have stocks of all the major manufacturers so that we can quickly and effectively repair the window.

Replace handles Sometimes as a window gets older and more difficult to close a little too much stress can be applied to the handle causing it to break. We stock a number of handles in different styles and finishes to suit your needs.

Perished gasket Over time the rubber gasket between the window sash and frame can go brittle so that the window sash does not seal properly to the frame. On most (but not all) this gasket is changeable significantly reducing draughts and noise.

Door Repairs

Door alignment Over a period of time, due to movement, heat expansion and contraction or dare I say, in a few occasions, due to poor fitting, the door no longer sits square in the frame causing draughts and problems with the operation of the lock which if left, can result in the lock breaking and a rather large repair bill. If you cant lock and unlock your door with one hand and using little effort then it needs looking at before it gives way and locks you out.

Hinge adjustment Similar to door alignment the hinges wear or move (door flying open in the wind, slamming shut) again stopping the door locking properly and easily.

Re-glaze, replacement panels Like the glass in a window, the panel in a door can easily be replaced if it becomes damaged. There is a wide choice of replacement available to suit all needs.

Replace handles Door handles can suffer quite a bit of wear and tear and sadly they eventually give in getting very loose or breaking altogether. There are many handles past and present and in most cases we can find a replacement of the same type, size and colour.

Lock replacement Far too many doors are out of alignment or badly adjusted and eventually in all cases the inevitable happens and the centrecase (gearbox) breaks. How many times have I heard 'luckily I managed to get the door locked'. If the door can not be opened again that just adds to the repair costs. It is far better (and cheaper) to align the door before the lock goes. If a lock is not operating correctly DO NOT ENGAGE THE LOCKS OR LOCK THE DOOR UNTILL IT HAS BEEN REPAIRED. Again we stock replacements for all popular makes and also some unpopular ones as well so that we can get you secured again as soon as possible.

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When you call, we will arrange an appointment to visit and give you a FREE No Obligation quotation for the required repair. This normally takes 5 to 10 minutes of your time and for all appointments we aim to be within a 1 hour time slot.

If it is a mechanical repair we may be able to carry out the work straight away as we stock spares for all the popular door and window systems.

If it is for replacement glass, once you are happy to proceed we will order your units and when made we will check them for quality (this part of the process normally takes 5 to 10 days) before calling you to arrange an appointment to fit them at your convenience.

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